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Argyle International Airport (AIA) is the newest gateway to St. Vincent & the Grenadines and the newest International Airport in the Eastern Caribbean following the commencement of Operations in February 2017. With Modern amenities and an extremely high marketing potential for Local, Regional and International entities and persons alike, AIA is set to attract more visitors to SVG as well as Direct Foreign Investors. AIA aims to deliver high quality aviation services by providing customer focused and efficient operations through industry best practices with an innovative and dedicated team committed to ensuring the mission and vision of AIA is kept.


To deliver a world-class airport experience in an environment which fosters continuous economic development through proactive workforce that enhances our reputation and enables the growth of aviation for the benefit of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and the entire region.


Argyle International Airport will deliver high quality aviation services by providing customer focused and efficient operations that meet the needs of its stakeholders and community through industry best practices

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Airport Facilities and Management

The newly built Argyle International Airport (AIA) boasts a 9000 ft. long runway and an expansive apron area, which facilitates aircraft ranging from twin otters to large commercial jets such as the Boeing 747. The AIA was constructed to accommodate 1.2 million travelers per year with a cargo terminal for imports and exports.

The AIA is equipped with modernized landing and navigational aids such as VOR and NDB, along with a fully lit runway, taxiways and apron for night operations.

Terminal building

Two (2) Terminal Buildings (International and Domestic) were built to accommodate 1000 passengers per hour for arrival or departure. Both terminals are equipped with fully functional washrooms for the disabled, and caters to the needs of all travelers with a wheel chair service available upon request.

The International terminal is equipped with three (3) elevators, two (2) escalators for ease of passenger movement throughout the building and two (2) state of the art glass jet bridges for international travel and docking of large commercial aircraft Travelers also have several options as it relates to dining and shopping. (See Passenger Information for more details)

The Domestic Terminal caters to persons travelling to the Grenadines; comprising of the beautiful Islands of Bequia, Canouan, Mustique and Union Island. This terminal is located next to the arrivals hall and boasts a VIP lounge, a grab and go and an outside bar.

All bags in both terminals are screened upon check-in through our state of the art X-Ray baggage-screening machine, whilst persons along with their carry-on luggage are also screened through similar equipment and walk-through metal detectors.

A spacious arrival terminal with multiple immigration stations in the International terminal and large luggage conveyor belts makes it easy for clearing into the country. A baggage claim, storage facility houses all missing luggage.

Emergency Response Service

AIA falls under category eight (8) of the Aerodrome Category (ICAO Index).

There are thirty-three (33) AIA firefighters, who are trained through various local and international institutions including College of the Rockies in British Columbia, Warren County Career Center in Ohio, Institution of Fire Engineers in England and Fire Emergency Services Training Institute (FESTI) in Canada. Four (4) of our firefighters are also experienced medics.

Our three (3) Oshkosh Striker fire fighting vehicles at AIA each carries 3,300 gallons of water, 420 gallons of Aqueous Film Foaming Foam (AFFF) and 450 pounds of dry chemical (purple-k). As it relates to the discharge rate, AIA’s bumper turret trucks discharge 300 gallons of water per minute while the roof turret trucks discharge 1250 gallons.

CEO’s Message

Welcome to the Argyle International Airport!

Looking back at our predecessors and what they would have been able to accomplish over the past eight years, I am extremely humbled and consider it an honour to be granted the opportunity of leading the AIA team. As we transition to a world class international airport, the Caribbean’s newest gateway, I intend to incorporate my twenty years of aviation coupled with the expertise of our carefully selected staff and modern amenities, to guarantee each traveller a memorable experience.

As an organization, we pride ourselves in knowing each member of staff is not only familiar with, but shares the vision of delivering exceptional service, in an environment  which fosters continuous economic development through a proactive workforce that enhances our reputation and enables the growth of aviation for the benefit of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and the entire region.

As we embark on this monumental journey, we anticipate some friction in this continuing evolving market, but by following industry best practices and implementing and maintaining a high standard, we do hope to make the Argyle International Airport the preferred hub in the region for airlines and travellers.

Our facilities, in comparison to those throughout the region are innovative, aesthetically pleasing and more importantly user friendly. We hope travellers not only experience the pure Vincentian hospitality, but also revel in the features of AIA; From our glass Jet bridges which offer a picturesque view of the environs, to our comfortable lounges and various passenger amenities which offer an optimum mix for convenience and pleasure.

With a runway totalling 2743 meters, this gateway is set to attract Foreign Direct Investors and ensure Saint Vincent and the Grenadines receives a major boost in the Tourism and Trade Industry as well as Ground Handling and Services.

These are exciting yet challenging times, however as we grow, each new day will present its own opportunity for us not only to maintain but to set new standards.  Nonetheless, we treat these challenges as the catalyst to continued improvement as we seek to elevate Argyle International Airport as a standard-bearer in the ever-competitive aviation industry by providing an exceptional customer experience for all.

Thank you for taking the time to visit the AIA website and I welcome any feedback you may have.

Sincerely Hadley J Bourne

Chief Executive Officer

Board of Directors

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