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AIA Customer Queries

Customer Queries

Whether you prefer to call AIA, send an email, or fill out this Customer Query form,  your feedback and comments are important to us. They also serve to help AIA improve its services.

At AIA we value your safety and feedback on your experience, therefore all queries are fully investigated.  Please ensure that  your queries are submitted within 14 days of travel.  Our Customer Service personnel will respond within 48 hours.

Customer Queries Form

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    AIA Fire Department
    T: (784) 456-4444

    AIA Medical Unit
    T: (784) 456-5555 Ext. 1063

    Civil Aviation Department
    T: (784) 458-4011

    Operations Department
    T: (784) 453-9495

    Marketing Department
    T: (784) 453-9496

    Human Resources Department
    T: (784) 453-9497

    Emergency Fire Station
    T: (784) 453-9499

    Customer Service Department
    T: (784) 453-9400

    Ground Handling Department
    T: (784) 453-9493

    Accounting/Finance Department
    T: (784) 453-9492

    Administration Department
    T: (784) 453-9490

    T: (784) 453-9489

    T: (784) 453-9491