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Taxi and Ground Transport

Taxi Services
Here at AIA, you can easily find quality taxi services. We understand the need for comfort, and we boast on impeccably clean, properly maintained and insured vehicles. You also have the option of booking a taxi well ahead of time, an added convenience to your travelling. 

Car Rental Services
We understand the hassle of travelling back and forth when you are away from home. Why not rent your very own vehicle while you’re visiting the beautiful island of St. Vincent & the Grenadines? This is a great way to see many of the amazing sights and explore the wonders of this tropical paradise. 

Lost and Found

In the unlikely event that your luggage does not arrive, is misplaced or delayed, please ensure you report it immediately at our luggage desk located in the Baggage Claim area.

For personal items lost in the airport or on board your aircraft, please CALL US at 784-456-5555 or EMAIL US for any query or help on lost property items.