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Safety & Security


At AIA, we ensure the safety of all airport users. We work towards providing the best air travel security possible, as the security check is an essential part of air travel. The customs check is also an essential requirement, and as a result, here’s what you can do to help things run smoothly:

  1. Put “loose” items (wallet, keys, mobile phone, watch, etc.) in your hand luggage.
  2. If your belt has a metal buckle, or your shoes have heels, take them off and put them in a safety tray.
  3. Keep your tablet/laptop where it is easily reached, as you will need to place it in a separate security tray to be scanned.
  4. Place liquid containers in a clear, reseal-able plastic within your hand luggage. Keep in mind that each liquid cannot be more than 100ml.



To protect you and your fellow passengers, the AIA Aviation security is required by law to inspect all checked baggage. As part of this process, some bags are opened and physically inspected. Keep in mind that all bags should be accessible by the AIA Aviation security. This means, if your bag is locked, the AIA Aviation security must remove the lock in order to access your bag.

Once again, be reminded that this necessary security precaution is for your safety, and is required by law. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to contact AIA at Tel: 1784-456-5555 or email: